SEO Healthcheck - 'Be Seen'

SEO Healthcheck - 'Be Seen'

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SEO Healthcheck - 'Be Seen'

Our SEO Healthcheck - 'Be Seen' is a robust analysis audit tool of 50 aspects of a website we use to determine if your website has all the necessary back-end elements, to ensure it not only is found during a Google search, but it also rates high in page search rankings. We curate this from a non-intrusive external assessment of the targeted website domain property. 

This encompasses complex technical aspects through to a detailed content analysis and reviewing social media presence. When a Google search request is done, Google assesses some 200 variables in determining what website ends up ultimately on Page One of the Google search. Google's search algorithms crawl, prioritising quality content and rewards this accordingly, however; it is essential that best practice technical requirements are implemented so everything is working in your favour.

The SEO Healthcheck - 'Be Seen' is an authoritative resource for actioning matters needing fixed, ensuring your website conforms to the latest best practice processes.  Within a competitive SEO environment, incremental improvements are the possible edge that may displace your competitors and enhance your website traffic and visibility. Whilst there are many useful automated tools available, they are often limited and restrictive in providing real meaningful actionable information.

Please review our 'SEO experts" page. 

Our methodology utilises advanced tools and critical review by Move37 Consulting to arrive at a comprehensive practical analysis.

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  • An executive overview will accompany the report as to SEO status.

  • Move37 Consulting can then work with you as appropriate or your support service providers to implement recommendations and improvements on an agreed fee basis.

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