SSTV - Pictures received uploaded live:

The go to SSTV frequency is USB 14.230Mhz; in VK/ZL, and is usually active on a Sunday. When I am using this mode all received pictures are uploaded live. Other recognised frequencies are 28.680, 21.340Mhz USB, and 7.033, and 3.630Mhz LSB. SSTV digital modes tend to be 3Khz above these frequencies.

I also upload SSTV pictures from the ISS when available. Transmissions are on 145.800 Mhz in PD120 mode, more frequently from the Russian Cosmonauts. Occasionally there are transmissions from the NASA astronauts.

From time to time ZL3TCM, ZL3MH, and myself will have SSTV QSO’s via the FM satellites, such as AO-91, and AO-92.

The pictures are date stamped; the slideshow view is the best viewing perspective, and sorted by “last modified” so they are shown in chronological order. (Please link, download or share.) (URL links here, also).

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