Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists - Is Your Website Being Seen?

'If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?'

Creating a successful, functional and aesthetically pleasing website often involves a brainstorming exercise with your team, and website designer/developer. There are the initial costs of development, ongoing hosting, and the requirement and challenge of maintaining the website with quality content, that is fresh and relevant to attract new customers. Integral to your marketing strategy; irrespective of how good you may think your website is; the relevant bottom line is: IS IT BEING SEEN? The problem is how do you quantify this in a meaningful way?

This is where the “SEO” conundrum emerges. The creative people involved in your website design are usually good at the visual appeal, but they may not always understand the technical complexities to ensure your site is seen by your target audience. This may trade-off performance, if not properly executed. (We have covered the evolution of SEO  in our earlier posts.)  Google will reward websites that have quality content by elevating search engine page ranking priority, however technical on-page requirements must be properly addressed, otherwise the most beautiful website that lacks technical completeness will end up as a disappointment in successful search ranking.

A website that is not seen; irrespective how pretty, or compelling the content, is a pointless exercise in futility. Not BEING SEEN is never an option for our clients' websites.

Website designers correctly suggest they create websites, not for Google’s “mysterious' algorithms”. The counterfactual is, that if you design a website specifically to manipulate algorithms, Google’s sophisticated processes will detect such “black-hat” practices that try and game an advantage, the website will be penalised and lose rankings. The solution is not mutually exclusive, as Google will promote sites with quality content adhering to best practice modern design standards. If there are elements technically defective, or deficient, Google is unlikely to rank the website favourably. The happy mix is to balance appearance, and best practice technical requirements. 

At Move37 Consulting we have researched and designed our 50 point 'SEO Health Checklist' evaluation available at our Digital Delivery Store . This covers all of the relevant variables addressing SEO and content, that is compatible with technical requirements. With our recommendations correctly implemented, detrimental issues are eliminated, improving the website experience for the viewer, but most importantly BEING SEEN is what counts.

Our methodology involves an initial non-intrusive external evaluation, and audit of your website, with us providing recommendations. This rigorous benchmarking enables us to execute the remedial fixes, or proactively collaborate with your existing support providers to deliver the required fixes. The nature of SEO is constantly evolving, Google have signaled their priorities for 2019, and 2020 that is focussed on the best quality content from search results is delivered. There are many SEO services available, which are usually cookie cutter low quality generic templates that are over priced and basically useless, and can be detrimental, they should be avoided.

At Move37 Consulting our services are provided internationally, working with clients including; New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and USA.

We also offer our comprehensive SEO Healthcheck - 'Be Seen Always' monthly support service level agreement (SLA) designed to ensure your website's ongoing visibility and security.

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