SEO Healthcheck – ‘Be Seen Always'  

Proactively Protecting Your Website’s Ongoing Visibility and Security.

Once you have implemented our recommendations from our SEO Healthcheck – ‘Be Seen' from our 100-element analysis audit tool you will be rewarded with higher search ranking visibility with the assurance your website adheres to best practice. This initiative will constructively support your overall marketing strategy.

Google and Bing are perpetually evolving and improving their search algorithms and determining what is important in search visibility. Whilst these developments are often not clearly signalled; at Move37 Consulting we work with multiple clients in diverse industry sectors, we are uniquely fortunate and adept in recognising the obvious and more subtle nuances. This enables us to make informed recommendations to website enhancements. This ensures your website is not disadvantaged competitively and left behind.

We are continually assessing potential security risks and any concerns with the ongoing performance of our client's websites.

We offer our SEO Healthcheck -‘Be Seen’- Always' monthly support agreement providing the following services:

  • Ten-point Security assessment, is everything working as it should and in good health
  • Checking if Google and Bing imposed penalties and is assessing security or configuration concerns
  • Provide detailed analytics traffic reporting as to trends and performance of content as to what is being viewed
  • Assess activities by two identified competitors as to initiatives they have made in improving their website competitiveness (further competitor intelligence by agreement)
  • Review hosting and support agreements as necessary to ensure these are optimal and performing to accepted standards
  • Provide strategic snapshot of new developments or trends and their practical application. e.g. voice search capability
  • Recommend backlink opportunities and integrity of existing.
  • Coordinate manual submission of Google and Bing search crawl and sitemap submission
  • Our reasonable pricing matrix is based on the size of the target websites
  • Telephone and email support as required
  • Move37 Consulting will provide a professionally prepared report covering these elements with a key point executive overview