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"At Move37 Consulting we distil complex technology concepts into smarter recommendations that deliver quality solutions for your business"





What We Do

Independent Information Technology Consultants:

At Move37 Consulting we deliver expert recommendations, that are easily understood to solve the technology challenges business face.

Our approach is all about close collaboration; we enjoy working with our clients in a friendly and professional manner. We understand technology should be an enabler, to achieve business goals, not a hand-brake. The smarter use of technology improves efficiency, and profitability. We navigate through the complex technology choices available to ensure better quality decisions.

When you require a cost-effective IT strategy that inspires confidence please contact us.

Deep Technical Knowledge and Real-World Expertise:

  • Independent and vendor agnostic, with impartial objectivity. We align ourselves only with those that have proven capability, and enjoy access to our extensive network of trusted, quality partners.

  • Our approach is pragmatic and no-nonsense; ensuring confidence in our recommendations.

  • Move37 Consulting supports businesses of all size in New Zealand, Australia and internationally, in the private and corporate sectors. We are based in Christchurch; New Zealand's preferred location for leading technology providers. As a tech-savvy connected business, our expertise is available anywhere, anytime at exceptional value.


How Can We Help?

  • IT Road-maps, Design, and Strategy, Project management, Software selection, Infrastructure review, and Business continuity planning.

  • Business Process and Security - Evaluation. Robust solutions for business minimising security threats, both internal, and external.

  • Requests for Proposal/Information evaluation (RFP's, RFI's), Vendor selection, Performance benchmarking of Service Level Agreements (SLA's). We know what comprises a good, or bad contract.

  • Website Design services, on the Squarespace platform that are user-friendly, functional and secure.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists, Analytics and performance metrics, eBusiness solutions. (Our SEO Healthcheck - 'Be Seen' comprehensive 50-point audit SEO tool is available at our Digital Delivery Store.)

  • SEO Masterclass Workshop Seminars. Get hands-on expertise, and the tools you need to ensure your website is seen and implement a winning Social media campaign. Talk to us if you want your website to rank on Page One of Google, and you want a Facebook advertising campaign that is measurable, and works.

  • Determine strategy for successful Social Media engagement. We can help with automating processes to maximise visibility, saving you time, and making your Social Media effective.

Smarter Business Technology Solutions


Who We Are?

“The pace of technology innovation is relentless. Business faces confusing choices creating uncertainty, and risk. Move37 Consulting derives its name from the 1996 epic chess battle, when IBM's 'Deep Blue' supercomputer defeated chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov at move 37. A machine defeating a human, caused a paradigm rethink of a strategy to address disruptive technology. We understand this challenge; leading to smarter, and better-quality solutions for your business.”