Information Technology Consultants
Strategy - IT Project Management
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'We distil complex technology concepts into straightforward, smarter solutions; creating more effective and better business outcomes.'



What We Do

Information Technology Consultants:

Move37 Consulting delivers expert recommendations for solving Business technology challenges, ensuring business risk is eliminated, with technology decisions that match, or exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our approach is all about close collaboration; we enjoy working with our clients in a friendly and professional manner, taking the pain and stress out of solving IT concerns. We understand technology should be an enabler to achieve business goals, not a handbrake.

Deep Technical Knowledge and Real-World Expertise:

  • Leadership of a substantial New Zealand and Australian IT integration Business, providing Software Development, Infrastructure, Strategy, Project Management, Websites, SEO, eCommerce and Consulting.
  • Independent and vendor agnostic, with impartial objectivity. Our policy is to only align ourselves with those best suited for the job. Move37 Consulting enjoys access to an extensive network of trusted, quality partners and leading international technology providers. 
  • Our approach is pragmatic and no-nonsense; ensuring confidence in decision making, for results that improve bottom-line performance.
  • Move37 Consulting supports small, medium and large businesses throughout New Zealand, Australia and internationally, in the private, corporate and public sectors.




How Can We Help?

  • IT Road-maps and Strategy, Software selection and licensing, Infrastructure and network review, Cloud solutions, Business continuity planning and Disaster recovery, Cybersecurity and Data privacy.
  • Requests for Proposal, Information (RFP, RFI), Vendor selection, Project management and performance bench-marking of Service Level Agreements (SLA's).
  • Website design utlising our in-house expertise. We take the stress out of this process; our Website packages deliver modern and functional, secure websites, that are best practice technically, for ranking highly with search engines. 
  • Digital engagement of Social media, determining strategy and the appropriate channels for your business. We can help with automation software, to streamline processes and to ensure consistent messaging, appearance and performance metrics.
  • We know what comprises a good, or bad IT related contract. Without allegiance to any vendor; our impartiality ensures recommendations made, work for your business interests.
  • Through our deep understanding of IT, we avoid the pitfalls of unproven, or over promised technology 'solutions' that fail to deliver the desired objectives. We work closely with our clients identifying effective and forward-thinking strategies, that instil confidence. 




Who We Are - What Is Move37?

'The pace of technology innovation is relentless; Business is often confronted with confusing choices, creating potential risk. Move37 Consulting derives its name from the 1996 epic chess battle, when IBM's "Deep Blue" supercomputer defeated chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov at move 37. With human intelligence being defeated by a machine, this caused a paradigm rethink, of how to effectively respond to disruptive technology. We are focussed on understanding this challenge, enabling our clients to make smarter, confident strategy and technology decisions.'